Too many bots on my site

Well happy Ash Wednesday people, well if you’re a catholic and I believe Christian celebrate also, mass is required today and also eat vegetarian also required today. Well this morning I check my site, which is this one here,, yeah I know you like the domain hehehhe, and there are 4 bots on my site, what the hec is it doing? well I’m sure there are four different bots from different web crawling company such as – google, msn, yahoo, bing, and so on – I believe what they’re doing is crawling the website contents and puts it on its search engine, such as google. So that when someone search for something and it tied to my website, the search result will appear and user click on it. DO I have private information on my site? yes and no, yes but very mininal such as when I mention an events where a person’s name I don’t mention their exact name, there are also area where it’s private where you cannot read, it is secured or hidden cannot be read in public, only can be view by me and my ip, it’s extra security, so even if you know my admin password here, you still cannot read it unless it’s the ip# I’m capped at the server end 🙂