Ash Wednesday is tomorrow February 22nd 2012 for all catholic

Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday for all catholic, if you’re religious like me 🙂 Basically eat vegetarian food tomorrow, no sex, no cussing, hahahahah!!!! ok maybe that’s a bit too much, two things important: vegetarian and must go to church mass. I know for sure I can eat vegetarian tomorrow, going to church will be difficult due to the two kids, they’re big trouble maker, they will destroy the church ahahhaah! ok maybe not, but they are trouble maker, Dahlia and Nyla, wife Huyen will try to attend the church mass, at least one person from the family can attend. Huyen has been working and studying pretty hard lately trying to finish up her education degree. I believe in god although not being in church every Sunday consistently but I do pray and speak to god nightly, and every trouble I come across I believe god is there looking after me, and even if the trouble will cause me to probably loose my life, I’m ok with god’s decision, well it’s kind of award of talking about death 🙂 I have wife and kids to support, cannot died 🙂 I still want to have my own warehouse to experiment and test out all my toys and inventions, just like that kid in the kid’s movie Meet the Robinson. I still want to see my daughters grow up and see we explored planet Mars at least, and hope life does exist up there and still there, I want to know if human kind will ever be able to leave earth and gear toward space exploration 🙂