Got some traffic visitors from around the world

I installed a plugins that would track users or visitors to this site couple days ago, and it’s pretty cool, it tells me where users coming from, I like the map style, it shows a dot and basically functionality is all I need, but in the back end with admin access, I can view their IP and which site or link they visit, for instant right now if you’re reading this post, it record that you visit this link and reading my post, just basic historical visit, nothing to be alarm with :), however there are chances that you’re using a proxy which my plugins will be able to tell your exactly location, you could by proxying from China but your exact location is USA, so it’s base on the IP yur computer map to, and some users might be using anonymous browsing so that’s like proxy, so cannot detect your real ip. Proxy is also a way for people who’s in countries that blocked facebook or other social media site to connect override the firewall, so they can access those sites.