Avoid multi-task when possible people

That’s right avoid multi-task when possible. However there are people that can multi-task mostly woman with children :), well for me multi-task is something I will never master. If I recall back correctly, multi-task can kills your brain cells. Multi task to me is something I would like to master and would love to be able to do on a daily basis, but I tried and tried and even use technology to help, but doesn’t seems to work well for me 🙂 something wrong  or something will go wrong, so I tried to stay away from multi-tasking 🙂 hehehe. I have two trouble maker daughters and keeping up with them is difficult enough, then I have to work and do some house chord and have side business to do, but I always tried to stay away from multi task by prioritize things I need to do and don’t let other task interfere with current task until it’s done. It work for me, so for people who can multi task, you’re good, you’re king! 🙂 and I’m not 🙂