Working as a contractor or consultant can be pretty worrying sometime

I lost my full time position back in April 2011, after returning from Vietnam trip, 1 month trip, whether or not the trip was the root cause, doesn’t matter much, I had fun :), but a month in the hot heat was enough :). Wife and children heading back there for a visit with many family members here in US in August this year 2012. Anyhow back to the main topic, I’m a consultant or so call contractor, month to month contract, it’s pretty hard not to wonder when I’m gonna have to find another position or contract with another company for work, I’m a type of person that would rather stick around where I’m comfortable working with people I’ve work with for years than working in an enviroment totally new and have to do that new learning experience thing, although it might be good which I don’t mind, but I prefer where I’m currently comfortable with. Well, will see if my contract will get renew this month or next month I mean March 2012, if not, new company job search here I come, although I had many back up plan, but it’s the same effort as looking for an external contract or consultant job. However, if worst case, I’ll be internet entrepreneur soon, I will work hard at it. Many of my friends, some are doctors, business owners, but some also trying to find jobs, so I wont’ feel bad if among others 🙂