Vegetarian for 6 weeks catholic people?

Well my wife told me we need to eat vegetarian for 6 weeks, well 6 weeks every friday not, everyday ahahahha. So still good, I’m not eating meat today, but accidentally ate a piece of pizza meat ball from my daughter Nyla, she feed me and I didn’t pay attention and when I realize it’s meat, I had already swallowed it 🙂 oh well, I didn’t mean to, so I think it’s forgiveness. So look like every Friday for six weeks starting this week, I need to eat vegeterian, probably need to buy a lot of Tofu this week after the circus show this Sat. for the kids. Today I ate shrimp noodles, boiled egg, rice and fried eggs, I’ve seen vegetarian people look healthy and young, but I don’t think they’re strong though not as muscular, I’m not sure, doesn’t look like it, what about those Shaolin monk kung fu, I thought they’re vegetarian, they look pretty strong to me 🙂 hehehehh maybe just for show. Anyhow, give back to the god when you can.