Another nice weather day here in the East Coast

Awesome weather look like it, woke up early in the morning to exercise prepare foods getting the kids ready for school and wife to work are m daily task, I’m like a housewife 🙂 hehehe I wonder if the terminology exist for a husband working from home exist? well probably but I don’t know what it is. We do share responsibilities, she work and school, finishing up her degree and also working, right now she’s probably making more money than I do, and once she’s out of school I can see that she will be making more money than I do 🙂 but in this day and age, it’s hard to say, hard to predict the future, never know will encounter obstacles, I’ve seen a very hard working person fail, and a lazy person succeed just by luck, it’s hard to say. However in reality the majority of people whom have a degree or work hard most of the time they will succeed, meaning – nice house, wife, kids, steady income, happiness … anyhow back to the weather, this year 2011-2012 winter kind of strange, I think we got about an inch of snow lol, and spring are coming in a few weeks, and the weather been pretty cool, at night probably 30a to 40s day time 50s to 50s, spring will be awesome such as cutting the grass, plant vegetables garden, bug spray around the house … woo hooo!!!!!