Emergency medical bill you have to pay?

I have a long time friend and we chat online all the time daily. He’s a cool person, this is the same guy will be heading to Vietnam in April to get married if everything go well. Over a month ago he got into an accident by himself lifting a haul connection to a car accidentally slipped and smashed his palm, some shattered bones and I saw the xray, look pretty bad, a few weeks later he received the medical bill, and thinking his medical insurance would cover. However yesterday he told me his medical not paying for the ER bill $1500 which doesn’t make much sense. Turns out that the doctor at the ER code his root cause was a car accident so his medical insurance company said since it involve a car they’re not paying for it. I was surprise, and he had a good point, a car accident involve a car hitting something or hitting another car, in this case since the doctor code it as car accident so this might trigger his medical insurance to not pay for it and ask him to contact his car insurance company, wow!!!! probably his mistake was having the doctor code it as car accident, should code something else like working in gagrage smashed  hand :). Oh well, I hope that he can negociate and either have is medical insurance pay for it or his car insurance will. Because $1500 is quite a bit of money, can get an LED TV with it. I’m wondering if I’m driving and eating something with a fork and the fork stabbed me somewhere while driving and eating, then I go to ER and would they code this as car accident? weird!!! 🙂 oh well, gotta read the fine prints or higher a lawyers if it’s  alot of money to pay 🙂