Just connect back with long time online friend from Ohio AnhDo

Surprised earlier today received an email from an old friend back from old days online friends. He’s older but a very nice person to hang around, I did visit him at least couple one time while on business trip in Kentucky, I drove to PA to visit my g/f back then and stopped by his house, his cook good banh canh. Well his email was in regard to the latest vietnam human right expand trade something that required 60,000 signatures which it did read its goals a couple weeks ago and waiting for Obama administrator to review, there is no guranteed that Obama will take action, but it’s a good start and vietnamese communitites are united to take action. It was nice chit chat a little bit with him again, I’m cure sure everyone is busy, however it’s nice to say hi once in a while, in this case it’s almost like 4 years 🙂 heheheh