My tips to you for selling on ebay

This is my personal tips for you, for selling stuff on ebay. Others profressionals sellers might have different tips, here are what I think work great.

  1. check items average price sold – ebay have this tool when you enter an item for sell
  2. check lowest price for buy it now, filter by buy it now, then lowest price + shipping. Determine if you can beat that price by $1 or so, chances are your items will sell fast 🙂
  3. auction style when you can, however ensure the item you’re selling is a hot seller then it’s great to auction, if it’s not a hot seller, then do a buy it now selling price
  4. use ebay shipping, it’s fast and free and updates buyers on status automatically
  5. you can make good money by two ways 1-buy cheap bulk products then resell 2-sell items lying around the house with fixed price or auction but ensure it cover your shipping cost at least.