Google Analytics Product Update: Puma case study, new Customize button, & updated search engine rankings

Anyone whom have a google analytic account would receive similar email below. Google analytic is very useful for webmaster, whom would like to drive traffic to their site or analyse data on their which one are most popular page, keywords, rank, search result ranking in certain keywords on your site. It is the most powerful tools to use for your site especially sites that make money with google adsense.

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Here’s a snapshot of what we’ve been up to in February. We’ve highlighted improvements to some of our favorite reports and we’re sharing links to help centre articles to help get you started or to improve your knowledge.

What’s New
Customized Reports made easier The new “Customize” feature in Google Analytics Standard Reports allows you to tweak our predefined reports easily into your own Custom Reports. Click the customize button in your account to see this new feature in action.

What is your rank in search results?
We’ve updated the Google Analytics Search Engine Optimization reports to now reflect the first position of a link to your site. Previously we reported the average position of all links to your site. Look under Traffic Sources > Search Engine Optimization to see how your site rankings were updated. Learn More
Search Engine list expanded
The “Search Engines” report in Google Analytics is auto-populated with a list of known search engines. Periodically, we update our list to reflect new or more popular engines. You can always add any search engines we missed into your tracking code snippet, but it’s nicer if they’re automatically included. We recently added:,,,