President Obama Administration will talk with 100 Vietnamese on March 5th 2012

I just heard on the radio confirmation in regard to the stop expanding free Trade with Vietnam due human freedom in Vietnam, there isn’t any much freedom of speech … required 25,000 signature but as of now it’s way over 60,000 signatures on the white house government website, so it’s confirmed and the date set up on March 5th 2012 to talk to 100 Vietnamese voice on this case. No, I don’t think Obama will be there nor the Vice president or secretary Clinton, it’s kind of at an early stage which the president don’t normally schedule to participate, however after the meeting I’m sure we will hear something. So Hooray! for  Nhac Si Truc Ho, I think I met him in person before, I think he’s the man I saw with Nhac Si Truc Sinh, I’m not sure. This man was the one whom started the signature casted his first signature and after that Vietnamese in US flood email facebook myspace forum blog to other vietnamese and within a couple weeks over 25,000 signature which met the requirements but then it didn’t stop, people kept on signing. It’s too early to say if this will change much in Vietnam, because Obama Administration would need to hear 100 Vietnamese voice and decide whether to take action or not, however it’s a good start.