Gas price soar again compare to February 1st 2012 this year

The nation average gas price is $3.57 cent, highest is in California above $4 per gallon already for regular unleaded and it’s not even Summer driving season yet. Lucky whoever got the hybrid or electric car, you’re not only saving money but help the environment greatly. I would like a hybrid car also, knowing the fact that it’s not as fast as a gasoline car but has many benefit. 100% EV might be better, you can go to most mall and hook it up to charge for free 🙂 cool huh, instead of plug it into your own garage electricity. Most parking now have priority for EV car to hook up, and it’s like handicap where they can park close to the building entrance, awesome huh! 🙂  Getting back to the gas price rising problem, well we all know it flucuate quite a bit like stock, but it’s a little bit different, it doesn’t come down much but keep on raising, if you remember back years ago, let say in the 1990s gas price was like $1.25 nation average, look at it now, so even it flucuated but it kept on going up like gold :). Hooray! forever have hybrid vehicle.