Met old Vietnamese school friends from 1st to 3rd grade or higher

I was excited when Katie-Thao asked me about if I’m from Cu Lao Tan Thoi – Truong Tieu Hoc Tan Thoi, she said she know me because we’re in the same class. I haven’t update my facebook for a long time, long story short, I don’t like the fact that facebook focus more it’s income to make money using people’s post to pull in traffic and make money, so therefore I left facebook and probably would never come back unless someone question post link to my name then I would anwser in there, I was planning to activate a plug in to do automatic post when I post here, it would auto post to facebook. Anyways back to Katie Thao, yes she is indeed someone I should know back in the old Vietnamese country side elementary school years, since she point out all the people including teachers and locations I would be during the time.

It was a very exciting memorable time back then, I believe she’s the only person I know from school back then, we started chatting and share those moments back then, including the time she fled Vietnam in 86 and 87 she also remember me being Malaysia small island of Pulao BiDong, Sungei Besi and the Philippines.