Happy Saturday Happy week end good night sleep 8hrs required?

Got a great night sleep, got enough 8hrs for a change I think 🙂  while back I read some article indicated that sleeping less than 8hrs but >6hours makes you live longer, by how long I don’t remember. I’ve seen single people both adult male and female, all they do is work, go dancing once in a while but never got into serious relationship, they sleep at least 8hrs a day, and exercise and watch tv go places … Do they still look young and healthy? I think so, but what about their personality? morality? well all I can you is they sucks, they don’t care about the world, they care about themselves, they don’t have a husband or wife, they don’t have kids, they have little responsibilities and I can almost say they’re lazy, kick back relax and laugh at people whom married and have kids to take care of, I don’t think that’s nice. So I hope that we don’t have this many people out there, but I’ve witnessed it with my own eye. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve also seen single people with no kids, not lazy, but actually give back to communities, donate and help on many volunteer basis events. So please if you’re single and on a comfort zone, watching tv, sleeping, eating, exercise, life is good, but please go out and help others as well, you don’t have to do it every day, but at least once in a while and make a donation to well known agencies or church or temple, let’s help the world not just for yourself 🙂