School shooting in Ohio and Nissan Juke recall thousands vehicle gas leak cause fire 2011 2012 models

Wow school shooting again. This time in Ohio, and yes at least one student is dead and shooter is in custody. What sup with these high school? I thought the high school that I went to was bad, but the school that had these shootings appears to be good school, the school that I went to, gangster everywhere, their initial on the bathroom wall where-ever they can graffiti, under chair table, door, window, sidewalk, anywhere, XIV gang, Asian Kick Ass gang, all those gang bang symbol everywhere, students smoking marijuanna, fight all the time among Asian Latino Black, but I don’t see it on the news ever have shooting in class room, the shooting might happen outside of the school premisises.–abc-news.html

NIssan recall 2011 2012 Nissan Juke, possible gas leaks can cause fire.