Why you should have your own blog and not using other social network like facebook

Here are a few reasons I can think of why you should have your own personal blog on your computer or local server or webhosting thathave back up.

  1. If you have all your diaries entries including pictures videos and so on stored on facebook, then one day facebook decided to charge money, or got bankrupt, or loss database and whatever reason it’s no longer have your data?  all you diaries gone with the win. If you have own blog hosted on your own computer or webhosting, you can back it up anytime and save it locally as back up.
  2. Security, Facebook control your security privacy settings, although you think it let you control it, think again, they can access it although other users probably cannot view it. Furthermore, your facebook account can get hacked and the hacker steal it and delete it forever, what would you do?. Another thing is facebook reserve the right to delete your account for whatever reason 🙂 It’s another reason to have your own blog 🙂
  3. Other reasons by others: Reason 1: Because everyone else is | Reason 2: Friendship is a cosmological constant | Reason 3: The law of spam | Reason 4: Long-term benefit of Facebook = zero | Reason 5: Get a life | Reason 6: MySpace | Reason 7: Facebook logo reads facebook (lowercase) | Reason 8: Privacy? Boring!
  4. Facebook is using its users to make money, it spam and use your contents to flood advertisements hope for you to click or accidentally click or click due to interesting ads, they make tons of money that way, it’s those ads on the right side. With the announcement of facebook going public it’s clearly an indication it’s a company of profit, and making more profit, as greedy as they are already. The only site that I like the most that never had any ads and always stay free and fast is craigslist.com

I am not a facebook hater, but just base on my analysis of being an internet entrepreneur for a while I know how website being build and operate, knows the ins and outs of activites of each sites, my feedback are base on ones personal opinions, I don’t base on the news other people comments reasearch on facebook. Anybody who does a lot of updates on facebook or other social network, like 1 or 2 post per day, I recommend to get your own blog and and you can link it to facebook, in addition you can generate your own traffic and put some adv. to make a few $ for gas money, it’s legitimate.