USPS fraud scam spam hacking email be careful don’t open attachment.

scam fraud hacking email attachment from fake usps email address
scam fraud hacking email attachment from fake usps email address

Here’s another form or variation of fraud scam hacking email, it looks so real real ins’t it? It was from fake USPS email address and embed with an attachment instead of link to click. The attachment will contain a virus or malwares trojans that will infect your computer and hacker will use your computer to attack or control your computer to anything they want, including see what’s on your computer or what’s on your screen, turn on webcam, listen to microphone audio ….


From: USPS Post Office
Sent: Tuesday, April 10, 2012 9:04 AM
Subject: Your parcel isn’t delivered

Postal notification,

We couldn’t deliver your parcel at your address.
Status deny\Wrong data delivery.

STATUS OF YOUR PARCEL: not delivered
SERVICE: Express Mail

Postal label is enclosed to the letter.
Print your label and show it in the nearest post office of USPS

If the parcel isn’t received within 30 working days our company will have the right to claim compensation from you for it’s keeping in the amount of $11.24 for each day of keeping of it.

You can find the information about the procedure and conditions of parcels keeping in the nearest office.

Thank you.
USPS Express Services.