Springs planting start now March 2012

spring planting now fruit vegetables flowers garden march 2012
spring planting now fruit vegetables flowers garden march 2012

I got confirmation springs planting start now, some or most people already started now, although official spring is mid March 2012. Well if you have a green house then you can start anytime and grow all year round. Time fly by so fast, Winter blink of an eye it’s spring, blink of eye a whole new year and I age another age ;). My mom’s house luckily have free water, the water coming from a well, I’m thinking of drilling a well also, or somehow get collect rain water and store it for water the plants and grass. We didn’t get much snow this year for some reason. If I have free water, I would have a nice garden set up and plant all kind of fruits and vegetables. Do automatic watering and stuff. I think I will setup a way to collect rain water and use it to water the garden or grass during the hot summer heat. I don’t have official tips for planting, but if I search all over the web, the following is best:

Following are a few planting tips:

  • Over-raking the soil will create very “thin” soil that will turn to mud when it rains. When the soil dries, a hard crust will form and plants may not be able to penetrate the crust.
  • Remove all weeds from the garden area.
  • Plant when the soil, not just the air, is warm.
  • To make the soil more workable, lightly water the garden area. This should be done approximately one hour prior to planting. Avoid over-watering the area.
  • To avoid stressing the plants, planting is best done during a light rain, after a rain, in late afternoon, or on a cloudy day.
  • Mulching around the plants will keep weeds to a minimum, help retain moisture, and keep roots cool.
  • Make certain the garden area drains well as the plant roots may rot or become disease or insect ridden.
  • Set plants in the ground at the same depth as they were in the container.