Parents just stopped by for visit they’re doing well

My parents just stopped by, glad they’re doing well. Working hard as usual. I told mom winter almost over, we can start planting seeds for vegetable garden. Where they live water is 100% free, they can use all the water they need, not abusing it that is 🙂 I like that, if I can have all the water at my disposal at my home, I will have a big garden, grow all kinds of vegetables and eat it, if I have extra I will save it in the freezer by simply lightly boil it, then freeze it for use in winter, then if I still have extra, I will give it to family, then friends, then donate it to the needed, then off course I could sell it in local farm market for cheap :), then take money to buy bonds or long term investments for my kids and grand kids, ensure my vegetables are clean off course 🙂 heheheheh.