What is the role and responsibilities of a manager or boss?

what is the role and responsibilities of a manager
what is the role and responsibilities of a manager

I’ve been working for a large corporation for a very long time. I’ve many different bosses over the years, one go another came, one move up another one replaced. What I can say is I rather work with nicer boss a friendly environment with low pay than a mean boss and unfriendly environment with big pay 🙂 Well sometime it’s true, but there are times that ones would need extra money and will work under any condition :). It’s one of those reason where many people would like to start their own business, for back. However starting your own business can be painful as well in the first few steps, the success rate for entrepreneur is very low. Most people would rather work the 8hours shift then go home. However there are some people get paid hourly and don’t mind the overtime more money. There are people that work as salary no matter how much they work 8 hours 12 hours day 🙂 . OK back to the main topics: “What is the role and responsibilities of a manager or boss?”

  1. Supervise and manage the overall performance of staff in the department.
  2. Analyzing, reporting, giving recommendations and developing strategies on how to improve quality and quantity.
  3. Achieve business and organization goals, visions and objectives.
  4. Involved in employee selection, career development, succession planning and periodic training.
  5. Working out compensations and rewards.
  6. Responsible for the growth and increase in the organizations’ finances and earnings.
  7. Identifying problems, creating choices and providing alternatives courses of actions.
If I’m boss, I would follow those guidelines rather than get into the detail. Oh also, try not to change directions or change mind or ideas when possible 🙂