Recipient Cell phone rings or silent when you place a call definition

Ever wonder what its mean when you call your girl friend or boy friend or whoever cell phones and it rings or doesn’t rings at all then go voice mail or it beep after every ring? Well here are what to expect and you can also validate by using another cell phone to call or land line to call your phone and check.

The “company working on the lines” should be a tip-off of a lie, but that’s not really the question here – from my observations, the following holds true:
0-1 ring > voicemail = out of area (no signal) or phone is off.
1-4 rings > voicemail = ingnored
4+ rings > voicemail = call not answered – this can vary based on how he has his rings to voicemail set up, but the default is usually 4.
What I would personally do is contact his cell provider and ask them. The tech support personnel should know.

Also you can break into a phone conversation, simply by call the phone company and tell them it’s an emergency and you need to break into the line to interrupt their conversation, now this work for a land line not sure about cell phone though, I’m pretty sure it work the same.