Adbrite with automatic video and audio play sure is annoying


Well I’ve been using Adbrite for a week or so now, and yeah the audio and video auto play sure is annoying. If you have a good content site legit written by you the blogger, and using Adbrite, – highly recommend you to disable the audio video auto play or use only one Ad on your page, because if using multiple ad and have multiple video audio play, you may hear echo and it’s annoying – Imagine someone visit your site 1AM in the morning and forgot to turn his computer volume down and all of a sudden loud advertisement pops HAHHAHAH yeah, it’s pretty annoying. So again have 1 Ad or disable audio video auto play, however even though with auto play or disable audio some ad will be able to by pass that, but it’s better to disable. If you have a high traffic forum with crack hacked contents yeah you can put adbrite without any restriction to auto play whatever since people are looking for cracked software movies download illegal activities anyways lol.